Best Carry-On Luggage?


Last week, I had a LoyaltyLobby reader emailing me about the luggage he had seen on my YouTube hotel videos. (I have more than 220 hotel room/suite videos on LoyaltyLobby’s YouTube channel that you can access here.)


My personal preference is to travel as light as possible and I have managed just with my Black 22″ (type of carry-on that is “legal” with the airlines) for couple of years. I only check it, if I absolutely have to. It is way “overweight” in regards to what you are normally allowed to bring as a carry on, but airlines (full service ones) rarely weigh these.


My advice is to buy a proper bag that is within the requirements of the airlines (size wise) and fits in the overhead compartment wheels on. If you travel a lot, having a good and working black 22″ is essential. My last two have both cost around $350 to $400.

The bag that I currently have is this Victorinox Werks Traveler 22 that I bought from the Bloomingdales two years ago for around $400. The reason for buying it from this specific store is their customer service. When my previous purchase totally broke apart after years of use, they exchanges it without a fuss to a new one, although I had not brought any receipts with me.

What carry-on do you have, how much did you pay and are you satisfied with it?


Having a good carry-on is essential. This current one likely has 6 months left before I need to replace it. I few around 200K miles in 2011 and 300K in 2012, so it has already flown more than half a million miles.

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