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Friend of mine commented yesterday about the horrible service that he had received from Hyatt’s Gold Passport “Diamond” line and I thought that this would be a perfect article.


Hilton Diamond Customer Service

The only good thing about the Diamond customer service is that it is located somewhere in deeps of Texas. I only call Hilton Diamond line if I have an urgent issue that needs to be resolved on the spot. Otherwise, I prefer contacting Diamond customer service by email as they usually reply within few hours.

Hyatt Gold Passport Diamond Line

Hyatt’s Diamond line used to be absolutely fantastic and at the same level, if not higher, compared to SPG’s Platinum concierge service. Unfortunately this is no longer.

Hyatt Gold Passport dismantled the Diamond line altogether and now regular supposedly “cross trained” reservation folks are trying to handle these calls as well. More often than not, you have to argue with them about the issues.

You can contact the customer service by filling the web form and you usually receive appropriate reply in about a day.

InterContinental Hotels Group/Priority Club/Ambassador Service Center

Good luck, if you are trying to solve an issue by phoning the Priority Club or Ambassador Service Center. IHG has outsourced the customer service entirely to call center(s) in the Philippines and they are really nice over the phone, but everything takes a very long time.

Also, I don’t understand the limited hours of the Ambassador Service center, although the calls are picked up in the Philippines.

If you email them, the email turnaround time is usually 2 to 4 days.

Marriott Rewards

If I have serious issue(s) that need to be resolved, I just bypass the Marriott Rewards Customer Service altogether and rather just send a fax to the executive office. They have been able to solve any issue that I may have had very expediently.

You can contact the Marriott Rewards customer service by using the online web form and I have received replies within few hours that I consider good. They are useful for on property issues that you may have to report.

Starwood Platinum Concierge

Although I don’t expect Starwood’s Platinum Concierge to actually provide concierge type services despite the name, they are still the gold (or Platinum) standard when it comes to customer service. I have usually been able to resolve my issues as long as I have dealt with the US-based SPG call center. If you get someone in the Europe or in the Asia, it may take more than a one try.

If I need a written record of the issue, I normally use chat and copy paste the entire text conversation before closing the window.


I hate nothing more than bad customer service. When a customer calls any of these lines, they normally have an issue on hand that they have not been able to solve on the brand’s website. Not having qualified and people picking up the phones that are either unable or uninterested to resolve problems, is simply inexcusable.

Unfortunately, these companies don’t really see these as profit but rather cost centers. Providing good quality customer service is the only way to long term success, however.

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