Westin Heavenly In-Flight Bedding Coming To Delta’s BusinessElite

Delta and Starwood are announcing later today their partnership of bringing Westin Heavenly In-Flight Bedding to BusinessElite flights starting this summer. There was interesting article on NY Times about this that you can access here.


This is likely part of the greater partnership between Starwood and Delta that started with the Crossover Rewards announcement earlier this month. I first broke the story about this new type of partnership with Delta and Starwood on February 5. You can read more about Crossover Rewards here that is starting on March 1.


(Here’s one of my cell phone photos of the Westin Revival lounge at United’s Red Carpet Club in JFK from 2009)

This is quite interesting development considering that Westin and United used to be part of the same company while ago. United had Westin Heavenly branded blankets in business and first class cabins on its PS flights between Los Angeles or San Francisco and New York in 2008/2009. Also, number of United Red Carpet Club’s had Westin Revival lounges.


The United’s experiments with Westin blankets on its flights and Westin Revival lounges didn’t last for more than a year. I had a chance to visit few of these Revival lounges in Los Angeles, San Francisco and New York. They were quiet spaces in otherwise noisy lounges. My recollection of the Westin branded items on these PS flights is also positive.

It is interesting to see, how deep this new relationship with Delta and Starwood is going to be. If BusinessElite product is of Westin quality, is the domestic mainline going to partnership with the Starwood’s Four Points brand?

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