Fairmont President’s Club’s Certificates Going Electronic & Extension Of 2012 Certs

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Fairmont President’s Club issues certificates like room upgrades, suite upgrades, food vouchers etc. for their Platinum members. These are usually valid until the February the following year. The 2011 issued certificates were going to expire today (February 28), but Fairmont has (again) extended the validity of them by couple of weeks.


There were some reports on FlyerTalk that Fairmont had extended the validity of these certs to far further to some members. I dropped an email to FPC’s customer service yesterday and requested these to be extended all the way to the end of April. I will report here once I hear back from them, whether my wish was granted or not.

Also, FPC will no longer mail paper certificates. Until now, all these certificates were both electronic and on paper. The properties can automatically withdraw these from your account during your stay.


It is nice gesture for FPC to extend the validity of the certificates by default and maybe even longer if requested by program member.