Priority Club & Ambassador Display Confusion At InterContinental Hotel

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Priority Club vs Ambassador (Royal too) is somewhat confusing concept at InterContinental hotels and they are not always making it any easier with displays.


I have just stayed at an InterContinental hotel that didn’t have Ambassador/Royal Ambassador check in desk, but did have one for Priority Club Rewards. Even at the guest relations desk, there was no mention of Ambassadors but Priority Club sign was visibly on.


Of course, it is good that they have separate check in desk for Priority Club members, but none of the Priority Club elite benefits beyond the 50% bonus points apply to stays at InterContinental hotels, which have their own status recognition program called Ambassador and have written about it several times.


InterContinental Hotels Group should really fix this confusing two program system. Seems that there is bit of confusion even at the hotel level about this set up.

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