Tune Hotels – Amenity Unbundling Gone Too Far? Pay For AC & Towels?


The website of Tune Hotels may look similar to that of AirAsia’s and this is not a coincidence. The man behind this limited service hotel concept is Mr. Fernandes, the founder and CEO of AirAsia. The goal of this hotel group is to offer “5-star sleeping experience at 1-star price”.


This maybe true price wise IF you exclude all the “amenities” that are unbundled from the headline price. Air conditioning, TV, Wifi, toiletries, and even towels are not included in the price.

Here’s price display for their hotel in Kuala Lumpur


There is really no way around these “addons”. How could you survive in Kuala Lumpur i.e. without AC?


So, once everything is factored in, the price price has more than doubled from the original base price. This is exactly like with the so called “discount” airlines.

Tune Hotels Free Schedule


For their credit, at least all the fees are clearly displayed upfront.

Here’s Tune Hotel’s promotional YouTube video about their concept:


Obviously, I am not the target market for this type of accommodation. The price seems to be low if you absolutely don’t need ANY of the extras. Once you factor in all the extras that you get at a “normal” hotel the price difference between a full service one and Tune hotels is not that great.

Maybe I should try out their concept next time I am in Kuala Lumpur or any other city that has a Tune Hotel to see if they live up to their promise.

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