Virgin America & Singapore Airlines Frequent Flier Partnership


Virgin America and Singapore Airlines are now frequent flier partners as well. You can both earn and burn award miles on each others flights. There is more information about this partnership on Virgin America’s website here and Singapore Airlines website here.


Earning Virgin America Elevate points on Singapore Airlines


You will earn Elevate points as a percentage of the flown miles depending on your ticketed fare class. Note that the most discounted fare classes are not eligible for Elevate credit. You can access Virgin America’s Singapore Airlines Elevate earning chart here.

Earning Singapore Airlines KrisFlyer miles on Virgin America


All fares on Virgin America are apparently earning KrisFlyer miles at 100% level. You can access Singapore Airlines’ partner earning chart here.

Awards on Singapore Airlines using Virgin America Elevate points

Virgin America doesn’t publish an award chart for Singapore Airlines, but you are rather required to use an award calculator that doesn’t include all SQ destinations.

When you use the award calculator, you are only shown direct flights on Singapore Airlines network. I am not sure if you are required to pay point to point i.e. count the price of each leg of an award journey separate.

Also thing to note is that you are likely required to pay a fuel surcharge on Singapore Airlines flights. You can price the flight(s) at and just remove the fare component(s). What is left should be the fuel surcharge and the actual taxes.

Here are some examples:


Singapore to Bali


Singapore to Bangkok


Singapore to Male (Maldives)


Barcelona to Sao Paulo


New York – Frankfurt


Singapore to Los Angeles


Singapore to Sydney

The short haul flights between Singapore and nearby destinations are priced very competitively. I could see myself redeeming for some of these. You can use award search to find out the Singapore Airlines’ award availability before calling Virgin America to make the reservation. You can find this flight award calculator here.

Here’s an award chart for Virgin America using Singapore Airlines KrisFlyer miles


The number of miles required for KrisFlyer awards on Virgin America are high. These can make sense in intra-West Coast routes such as Seattle to Palm Springs etc. You can access the PDF here.


There are some (very) good values for using Virgin America Elevate points for flights on Singapore Airlines. Don’t think that there are deals for Virgin America award flights using KrisFlyer miles, however.