Air France-KLM Flying Blue Gold Nordic Country Status Matches Processed?


Seems that Flying Blue took its time (7 weeks) to process the status match from SAS Eurobonus Gold to their Gold. Some of these matches were processed already a while ago, but my online status just changed yesterday.


When you have a look at your account statement, it shows that you are an “invited” Gold. I have never credited anything to my Flying Blue account, so all the counters are at zero.


They are dispatching the actual card that you may need to access airport lounges in your international trips, although your boarding pass should contain the lounge access eligibility info. Anyway, it is a good idea to print out a copy of your card just in case. It also shows the expiry date of the matched tier.


You need to go to “Manage my account” on the Flying Blue’s website and then choose “Lost your Flying Blue card?” option. You can then print out a copy of your card. Mine shows March 2014 expiry date.


You can read my original piece about this status match offer here, an update when it was suddenly withdrawn here, and follow up from three weeks ago when they were slowly starting to process these matches here.


Seems that Flying Blue was doing these status matches based on LIFO (last in – first out) instead of FIFO (first in – first out). This can come handy when flying in on Air France-KLM and for international lounge access. I have Delta SkyMiles Gold status that is valid until sometime in 2014.

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