Regus Business Lounge Review: Bangkok Exchange Tower


You can get a Regus Businessworld Gold membership free for having an elite status with number of airlines. I have had it previously through Delta and this year I have it via United. I wrote about the United’s offer last year that you can access here.


I had never been to a Regus location before, but had read few business school case studies about the company back in the day. Two days ago, I was visiting a Qatar Airways’ Bangkok City Ticket Office and decided to visit the Regus Business Lounge that was on the same building to check it out.


The Regus was on the 29th floor of the building and I needed to leave my drivers license to the reception downstairs to get elevator access.


I didn’t have the actual Regus Gold card with me, but the receptionist was able to type in my number from the Regus confirmation email that I had received and I was good to go. This location is open from 8:30AM to 6PM during weekdays.


There were number of small pods on the business lounge and all of them were occupied. Quite frankly they didn’t look very comfortable at all. I sat down by the window and typed there for couple of hours. The pods had electrical outlets, but there were none by the window.


You can also visit the bar area and make some coffee/tea that are complimentary as well. You need to pay for the soft drinks. There is a Starbucks in the ground floor and you can just go to pick up your favorite beverage from there.


The internet access worked quite well, although the connection dropped couple of times. The download speed was ok, but the upload speed was better.

The only problem I has was with the noise. This is an open area and there was quite a bit of traffic in the reception. You need to have ear plugs with you, if you prefer getting something done.


This Regus Business lounge concept was better than I expected and it was completely free. I don’t really see a benefit of using it, however, if you are staying at a good quality hotel and have a lounge access.


It is good, if you need a temporarily office space and need a conference/meeting room once in a while.

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