Club Carlson Back-To-Back Status Matches After Status Downgrade


Club Carlson has had very good promotions for the past few years, but there aren’t just enough good properties around where I travel to qualify for their Gold or Concierge status. Last year, I did a status match to Club Carlson Gold based on the status I had with one of the competing chains and was downgraded to Silver at the end of February.


I decided to test if they are receptive to matching my status again, although I had just been downgraded. As a matter of fact, I had less than 10 stays/nights credited to my account in 2012.


I just sent a simple email request to on Sunday and received a reply on Tuesday. I had attached a screenshot of Hilton’s online account statement, but apparently they are not able to open attachments due to “security”.


Then, I complied with their request and sent the information from my Hilton account in a copy/paste form in the message body and received a reply to forward the attachment to the person’s business email that happened to reply my email. It took less than 24 hours to get this reply.


After I had sent the attachment, which was included in the original email, to this persons business email address, the status was updated in less than a day. Not sure if this was an extra benefit for the email back and forths, but the Gold status is now valid for two years.


Club Carlson has had quite a membership drive and good promotions for the past couple of years. If only there were more properties and good quality ones around, I would not have problem qualifying the hard way.

The Concierge status would be more comparable to Hilton Diamond status, but Carlson tend only to match to their Gold one.

Hotels and airlines tend to treat status match once-in-a-lifetime (or at least not for few years), but Club Carlson doesn’t appear to have this requirement, at least not for now.

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