Update On The EC 261/2004 Passenger Rights Legislation

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Two days ago, EU unveiled its updated air passenger regulation that is set to take effect in 2015. This regulation is usually referred as EC 261/2004. I wrote a piece about it that you can access here.


European Union has now made the proposed document public and there is also a link to EU’s web page trying to explain the changes in plain language. You can download the PDF below and access the EU’s web page here.

Download (PDF, 151KB)

There was one interesting aspect that I didn’t cover in my original piece about this proposed regulation. There no longer would be requirement to take the outbound flight if you would like to use the return portion.


This would be something that airlines would very likely oppose. Fares are usually set from origin to destination and they are not bi-directional i.e. KUL-LHR is likely priced very differently than LHR-KUL.


It is interesting to see what will come out of these proposals at the end. Personally, I am not a he fan of the compensation requirement moving from 3/4/5 hours to 5/9/12.

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