Last Call For Priority Club Award Nights At Old Levels


Priority Club announced its new award structure on January 18, but promised to honor the old award rates until March 18, 2013, but by request only. Priority Club refused to release a list of properties that have either moved up or down in number of points required for a free night.


So, it was practically impossible to find out the old point requirement and compare it to a new one and this must have been the Priority Club’s intention. To get Priority Club award members just to redeem at the higher rates, although they would have qualified for the lower one.

Download (PDF, 391KB)

We compiled a list of Priority Club hotels (only around 250 missing) with their pre-January 18 and the current point requirements. If the point requirement now is higher, you can still redeem at the old rates until March 18. If you have made a booking at the higher rate, you need to call the Priority Club service center and request them to credit the overage back to your account.

You can read my piece about what these changes mean to you here, what are my thoughts about this devaluation here, and the post with the master category list here.


This is really a horrible way to conduct business for Priority Club. Hilton, Hyatt, Starwood and Marriott all didn’t have any problems releasing a list of their properties that moved up/down in award categories.

You have until Monday to book Priority Club award nights at the old point levels. You should do this especially if you have award trips coming to most major cities like New York and London. The number of points required for a free night is going through the roof.

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