Get Your 6 to 12 Months Regus Businessworld Gold Membership For Free


Just last week, I visited one of the Regus locations in Bangkok and wrote a piece about it that you can access here. Regus offers temporarily office space in 95 countries and has more than 1500 locations. I have received Regus Businessworld Gold offer few times for being an elite member with airline frequent flier program, but that is not a requirement to get this access for free, however.


I just used Google and searched the airlines that offer complimentary Businessworld Gold membership for their frequent fliers. You can get 6 months free membership via Enrich (not even required to join the program) and 12 months free via Lufthansa’s Miles & More (need membership number).

Regus Businessworld Gold (6 Months) via Malaysia’s Enrich Program


You just need to register at and use promotional code ENRICH to get complimentary card for 6 months. This offer is valid until April 30, 2013.

Regus Businessworld Gold (12 Months) via Miles and More


For this offer you need to have your Miles & More account number on hand. The Businessworld Gold membership is then valid for full 12 months.

Note that you don’t need the actual card to enter the lounges. The confirmation email that has your Regus Businessworld Gold number is enough (or at least has been for me).

Other Airline / Hotels Offers for Businessworld Gold

American Airlines –

United Airlines –

Delta –

US Airways –

Air France-KLM –

Priority Club Platinum –

There are number of complimentary offers from airlines that may required you to be an elite member in their programs. The list above is not comprehensive. If I have missed any airline, just post a link below with their Regus offer.


It makes sense for Regus trying to court frequent fliers that will likely need temporarily office space during their travels. Their hope must be that you will convert for their full office space user or also use the paid services such as printing and conference rooms.

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