RocketMiles Hotel Booking Service For Airline Miles


RocketMiles is a new hotel booking service that, at first look, seems to give you lot of miles for you hotel reservations at the same price at which the hotels are available on their branded websites. You can access RocketMiles website here.


The company currently has four airline parts for mileage earning purposes; American Airlines, United, Delta, and Hawaiian.

Here’s price comparison between RocketMiles and Last Minute Travel Club (you can read my piece about LMTClub here)

The LA Downtown Hotel LMTC $114.16 or $229 + 4000 United Miles on RocketMiles



Millennium Biltmore Hotel LMTC $104.76 or $229 + 5000 United miles on RocketMiles



InterContinental Los Angeles LMTC $185.17 or $282 + 3500 United miles on RocketMiles



Hilton Los Angeles Airport LMTC $82.53 or $161 + 3000 United Miles on RocketMiles



How the RocketMiles (is supposed to) works:


Above is the statement from the company’s website. In reality, however, seems that they just jack up the prices of hotels that are meant to be sold via opaque channels to match the price on the branded website and just give you miles for the difference.

You have to bear in mind that the prices on LMTC also include their (LMTC’s) profit margin and the net prices are lower for the travel providers.

RocketMiles has an offer for bonus 1000 miles for your first booking that you make using this link. I may get 1000 miles for the booking as well. There is another company called PointsHound that also gives you miles for hotel reservations. Their selection of hotels is far greater, but number of points earned per reservation likely lower. You can access my review of PointsHound here.


This RocketMiles may make sense, if you don’t mind paying an inflated price and getting some miles in the process OR you accept that you are essentially buying miles by paying an inflated price for the hotel in question.

This will likely work best for the business travelers that can expense their travel purchases. If you are leisure traveler, I would look into booking these hotels that are available via RocketMiles somewhere else for a lot less money.

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