Customer Service Hall Of Shame: Case United Airlines


You would think that the customer service agents at the corporate customer care that reply to DOT complaints would be aware of their program terms and conditions. Think again if you are dealing with United Airlines.


I had to do a retroactive credit request on two flights that were marketed & operated by Swiss that I wanted to credit to United’s Mileage Plus. I filled the web form on United’s website (really the old Continental’s site) and waited for couple of months. Nothing posted.


Now that I am no longer 1K and likely would need to speak with United’s farmed agents in the Philippines instead of the 1K desk in the States, I decided to file a DOT complaint instead.

It took United about three weeks to reply to the complaint and the person handling the case is not even familiar with the program rules.

You would imagine that DOT “Specialist” would be aware of the fact that

1. Swissair ceased operations and went bankrupt in 2002. The airline is now called Swiss International Airlines or just Swiss.

2. The flight needs to be operated by Star Alliance carrier or partner airline of United to be eligible for the mileage credit. It doesn’t matter whose ticket stock the ticket has been issued.


My next step is to send a letter (you read it right a letter) to the office of the CEO. This issue should be fixed in no more than two weeks.

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