Delta’s Policy Change About Death & SkyMiles


Delta representative made a post yesterday on FlyerTalk that they had updated the SkyMiles member guide and that there had been a change of policy about death & SkyMiles. Unfortunately, he didn’t elaborate this further.


Until now, Delta had allowed transfer of SkyMiles upon death by filling out an affidavit and sending it to Delta.


You can still download and access this document on here and I have copy of it now available on LoyaltyLobby’s server as well.

Download (PDF, 44KB)

The updated member guide says that miles are NOT transferable upon death.


You can download the member guide on Delta’s website here or I have copy of it on LoyaltyLobby as well.

Download (PDF, 93KB)

I also sent a tweet to DeltaAssist on Twitter that is usually very fast at replying to questions. But no reply to this request so far I will make an update if they ever care to reply.


This is really sleazy way for Delta trying to retire more of their miles. Luckily, Delta won’t get information that the member may have deceased. As long as the member has given his/her account number and password to some, they can continue redeeming from the account.

Better to burn those miles when you are still alive, although redeeming SkyMiles is very time consuming exercise!

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