Make Sure To Collect Cash Back For Your Accor Hotel Stays


Accor tends to have very high cash back rates for bookings made on its own website if you click through one of the affiliate sites. The rates are similar to what I have collected out of my Priority Club stays. I have previously written a general article about getting cash back for all of your travel bookings that you can access here.


Accor wants to drive booking into its own websites instead of people booking trough services like or Expedia. The good way to encourage this is to offer attractive cash back rates to incentivize more direct bookings.

Bookings that are made on Accor’s website after clicking through a cash back link are eligible for stay credit and points. They are treated exactly likely any other stay booked on any of the Accor’s websites.

If you are not collecting cash back for your Accor bookings, you are really leaving cash on the table.

I have found that usually MrRebates, TopCashback & Quidco are offering the best cash back ratios. Sometimes, however, there are offers from Ebates, ShopAtHome and TopCashback’s UK site that are better. My advise is to sign up for all and check the pay out rates at the time you are doing bookings and choose the one with the highest cash back percentage at the time.

Here are current cash back rates for Accor bookings (Please note that the cash back rates fluctuate a lot and these were in place at the time of writing this article):

MrRebates (at the time of writing 5%)


MrRebates is offering 5% cash back on all Accor brands for bookings made through clicking the site. MrRebates pays using PayPal. You can sign up for MrRebates here.

TopCashback US site (at the time of writing 8%).


I have used a TopCashback a lot late, as they have been offering very competitive cash back percentage. The cash back on all Accor brands was 8% at the time of writing this piece. TopCashback pays using PayPal. You can sign up for TopCashack here.

Quidco UK site (at the time of writing 2% to 10%)


Quidco is a UK site that I have used but haven’t yet been able to cash out yet (more of this later). They have variable cash back rates for different Accor brands. You can sign up for Quidco here.

The only drawback of the Quidco is that they require you to have a UK bank account IF your pay out is greater than 25GBP. Smaller amounts are paid out by PayPal. (I need to open a UK bank account when I am there next time.)

TopCashback UK site (at the time of writing 3.03% to 16.16%)


This is the UK version of the US site that was launched first. They have variable pay out rates for Accor brands. They pay using PayPal but may require a bank payment for some merchants or if they think that you are using the website outside of the UK (this according to their website). You can sign up for TopCashback UK here. It may not be the best idea to use this UK website, if you don’t have access to an address in the UK and/or bank account.

Keep track of your purchases

You should always keep track which cash back site you used to click through to make the booking, the cash back rate at the time, and your reservation number. You won’t see any cash back before you have actually had your stay even if you prepaid it. Sometime you may have to follow up to get these posted correctly, although it has been rather smooth sailing for me in the recent past.


It is always nice to put some extra cash in your pocket for hotel stays that you would book regardless. Accor has been offering very generous cash back rates for a while. If there are any worthwhile cash back sites using for Accor bookings, juts drop me an email or leave a comment below.

There is likely a small sign up bonus for all of these sites and I may also get a small bounty if you sign up using any of the links above.

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