Emirates Instituting Fuel Surcharges On Award Tickets Issued After March 31


Emirates just sent out a very innocent sounding email to Skywards members with a “Programme updates” subject. Usually when you receive such an update or “enhancement” email from loyalty program, there is nothing for you to benefit.


I already wrote an article back February, when I noticed that Emirates had instituted fuel surcharges on itineraries originating from Australia and New Zealand without giving any prior notice. Also, the amount of fuel surcharges were hidden on “taxes” and there wasn’t any way to get a proper breakdown. You can access the article here and “Why airlines love fuel surcharges” article here.


You have to scroll down the email before noticing the innocent looking bomb about the fuel surcharges that Emirates will introduce on March 31 onwards due to “volatility of the fuel price, it is no longer possible for Emirates to absorb this cost on Skywards Reward tickets “.

The price of fuel has been relatively stable for the past couple of years. Emirates is only doing this because they want to fatten their bottom line. Plain and simple.

Here’s how to find the fuel surcharge amount:


Here I am using Google ITA Matrix to come up Emirates pricing from Manchester to Auckland in business class.


When you look at the price breakdown there doesn’t appear to be any fuel surcharges.


That is not correct, however. If you have a look at the fare rules, there is a fuel surcharge of 146 GBP per fare component. In this instance the fuel surcharge is total of 292 GBP. Emirates will start collecting this on award tickets that are issued after March 31, 2013.


It is sad to see Emirates instituting fuel surcharges on award tickets. There really isn’t any other excuse for this besides wanting to generate revenue from “award” tickets.

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