SAS Going All Economy On Short Haul


SAS, the troubled Scandinavian airline, is going to scrap the business class from all of its intra-European flights starting on June 9 this year. You can read more about this change in Danish here.


SAS is going to introduce Economy Plus service that is identical to current Economy Extra service on SAS. You really want to avoid deeply discount economy on SAS as it comes with ZERO on-board services besides water or coffee/tea.


SAS is launching a new service concept, replacing the previous service classes with two brand new alternatives: SAS Go for customers who want to have a lot and SAS Plus for customers who want to have more. We have worked with our customers to develop these products, which meet the increasing demand for smoother and more time-efficient journeys for both leisure and business passengers.

In November last year we launched a new pro-active plan, 4Excellence Next Generation (4XNG), to secure the future of SAS as a competitive company for our customers. Our operations are now radically changing with new collective agreements for our flight staff, the centralisation and downsizing of our administrative organisation, and the outsourcing and sale of operations. As part of this plan our customer offerings will be renewed and developed.

You can access the full SAS press release about this change here. If intra-Scandinavian flights are any indication, SAS will continue to publish business class award inventory that books into this SAS Plus class.


I haven’t flown on SAS for years due to non-service in economy class. For intra-Europe flights I don’t mind sitting in economy because business seats are essentially the same but at least with airlines such as Lufthansa and Swiss the service is still there.

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