Tune Hotel Bangkok Asoke, Thailand – Review of My Overnight (Sleepless) Stay


Back in March, I wrote about this Tune hotel concept that is closely related to AirAsia. Basically everything is unbundled starting from the air conditioning of the room. I was intrigued by this and decided to check out the concept by staying at one of their properties when I would have an opportunity to do so.


I had a noon flight yesterday (Tuesday) out from Bangkok and hada very late check out on Monday evening from the full service hotel I was staying at. I was contemplating checking out this Tune-concept or Accor’s Ibis and chose the former.

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Booking Tune Hotel

As a reader commented on my blog post about Tune hotels, you can actually save quite a bit by NOT booking directly with them. The price that is available on Booking.com includes all the extras that are essential to make the stay bearable such as air con and shower package.


The price on the Booking.com was 1200 THB when similar package on Tune’s own website was 1546 THB. Tune must pay at least 10% to 15% commission for bookings made on Booking.com. Also, I made the booking using TopCashback’s US site for 6% cash back. (You can join TopCashback and start collecting cash back for your booking.com and other travel related bookings my using this link.)


I made the booking for same day arrival and received an email two hours later that they had not been able to charge my card, but my reservation would be confirmed as long as I wouldn’t receive cancellation email from the property.



The location of the hotel is actually quit ok. It is located on the Soi 14 in the Sukhumvit area. One of the Asok skytrain station entrances is just in front of the soi. There are plenty of food, shopping and entertainment options close by.

Check In

The lobby area actually looked quite nice, fresh and was air conditioned. They had some snack items for sale and had two computer terminals for guest use.


They couldn’t locate the reservation on their system, but found a print out on the table that my reservation had been canceled. They were able to promptly resurrect it and charge the card that was supposedly declined before.

Note that they don’t have complimentary luggage carts but can rent one for you for 50 THB. Not sure if this charge is per day.

Room 622

The first room that I was assigned on the 4th floor had non-working air conditioning unit. The rooms don’t have phones, but I managed to call the front desk using my cell phone. I had lady to come to help me that first claimed that it was just going to take some time for the unit to start working. This was not the case. It was broken


I was then assigned a new room on the 6th floor. By the time I got to the 622 I had been on the property for more than half an hour. It is annoying that the only the lobby and the elevators are air conditioned. The floor corridors are not and they are extremely hot and humid. By the time you get to your room you are sweating like a pig.


Overall, the room was actually functional and met my expectations. I hated the air conditioning unit that did work on this room because it was blowing directly to the bed. I tried to set the temperature to 21 Celsius, but it didn’t work properly. The only option was to turn the ac unit off once in a while, but it got hot and humid in less than 10 minutes and you ha to turn it back on. I couldn’t get any sleep.


The towel and bathroom amenity package is a joke. The shower towel is about the size of a hand towel and softness is about the same as if you are using a sandpaper.

The wireless internet worked well and I accessed it using both of my PC and Mac laptops. The TV package is almost useless as the hotel only has 12 channels.


I don’t normally comment the price of the hotels that I stay at because they can vary a lot and some normally use points to pay. I don’t have a problem with this Tune concept IF their prices are truly low that is not the case in Bangkok.

To get the bare minimum acceptable accommodation seems to set you back for $40 when all the “optional” things are factored in. For the same price you can do a lot better. If you can get this hotel for $20 to $25 during a sale, then it could be an acceptable price considering the price/quality.


As I said above, I found the actual room to be acceptable, although on the small side (size not a surprise). They really need to work on the AC units to make them work better. If you cannot sleep on the hotel room due to noisy AC that is blowing directly to the bed, the stay is completely wasted.

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