Hyatt Gold Passport Diamond Amenity Choice Extending Worldwide?


Hyatt Gold Passport members have been able to select between a food and beverage amenity or 1000 bonus points at North American properties.


Diamond members elsewhere had no other option than to accept the Diamond amenity that was often as little as couple of apples or three oranges and a banana during my recent stay at the Grand Hyatt in Seoul.

Now, there has been reports on FlyerTalk (see this thread) that the North American style option would be extended to Hyatt properties worldwide.

There is no announcement about this possible change from Hyatt Gold Passport, however. I have requested clarification about this issue from Gold Passport and will post an update once I hear something.


This would be most definitely a welcomed and long overdue change. The Diamond amenities have often been dreadful at some, not all, international Hyatt properties.

With Starwood (500 points), Marriott (500 points) and Hilton (1000 points) the amenity points have long been available worldwide.

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