Airline Quality Rating (US Airlines) Is Out For 2013

The Airline Quality Rating (AQR) based on the 2012 data is out for 23rd time. This report uses publicly available information that airlines are required to report to Department of Transportation and then applies formula (some magic) to come up with the ratings. You can access AQR’s website here.


The findings are nothing new to those of us that have had a look at the DOT’s monthly Air Travel Consumer reports. The Virgin America was on the first spot and the United was dead last. United had a disastrous year in 2012 complaints and operation wise.

Download (PDF, 1.19MB)

You should have look at the report (read it) and make up your own mind.


The monthly DOT’s Air Travel Consumer reports are good snapshot what is happening monthly in the customer side of the aviation when it comes to denied boarding, missed luggage, on time performance, consumer complaints etc. This Airline Quality Ratings study brings these all together and tries to objectively put the airlines in order of quality.

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