Most Rewarding Loyalty Program Series: Club Carlson – Burning Points


Now that we have established the number of points that you earn on average based on the spend (see my previous article here) at Carlson hotels, it is time to have a look at the number of points that is required to get a free night/number of points earned per dollar.


Spend Requirement For A Free Night


Here I took an average number of points required for a free night at number of metropolitan cities around the world and divided that by number of points earned per dollar at Gold and Concierge levels both with and without the Club Carlson credit card.

Two Night Stay With Club Carlson Credit Card & Without


The sweet spot in Club Carlson award chart are the two night stays using points IF you you have Club Carlson affiliated credit card. Your second night will be free. You only pay the point price for the first night i.e. for Club Carlson Credit card holders the per night spend to get a two night award in Bangkok taking into account the discount, is only $261 ($523 for two nights).


Club Carlson’s award chart looks extremely good for two night award stays for those that have the affiliated credit card and only need to pay for the first night.

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