Turkish Airlines Star Alliance Gold Status Match Update


Last month, I reported that Turkish Airlines was still doing status matches to Miles&Smiles Elite Card status (Star Alliance Gold) contrary to reports elsewhere. You can read my piece about getting Star Alliance Gold status via Turkish here.


The processing time for Turkish to update the status was close to 10 weeks at the beginning of this year, but they are now processing these matches in more timely manner.


Friend of mine sent me a message yesterday after he had received an email from Turkish that they had matched his status. The turnaround time was less than three weeks.


Few minutes later, I received an email from Turkish as well but requesting a copy of the elite card and the account statement of the program that I was matching from for processing my request. I had originally only included a copy of the online account statement. It took almost four weeks for Turkish to get back to me.


The Turkish status match is alive and well. They seems to be processing these matches more timely. Make sure that you include both the account statement and the copy of the lite card for promptly processing your request.

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