What Is Going On With Priority Club Stay Bonuses Expiring April 30: Extended Until August & Problems With Postings?


Priority Club launched number of stay bonuses back in December for stays between January 7 and April 30, 2013. You can access my original post about these promotions here.


There was an unusual component to these stay bonuses. You would earn unlimited bonus points for every 5 nights (5000 extra) beyond the targeted 5/10/15 nights offer.

I have received several questions like the one below from Natasha about posting of these additional bonus points:


The first threshold bonus i.e. 10K bonus points for 5 nights will post normally with the stay. The additional bonus points of 5000 points for every 5 nights do not, however.

Priority Club seems to be running periodical sweeps for these bonus points and post them sometimes weeks after you have fulfilled the requirement. I have no idea why they are doing this. Good luck contacting the (mostly useless) Priority Club contact center in the Philippines.

Have these bonuses extended until August 31?


When I just logged into my account, I saw again a reminder about the bonus points offer that I had signed up for; 10K points for 5 nights and additional 5K points for every 5 nights beyond that are consumed by April 30, 2014.


The expiry date of this promotion, however, is entirely different on my promotions. The web page indicates that the expiry date of this promotion would be not April 30 but rather August 31, 2013, although it shows the April 30 expire date as well.

There has been ZERO communication from Priority club about extension of this offer.


Your educated guess is likely as good as mine. I have no idea what is happening with Priority Club regarding this promotion. It seems, however, that the promotion expiry date has been extended to August 31 instead of April 30 if you go by the date in “My Promotions”.

It would be great if Priority Club could inform its members about the expiry date of this promotion.

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