Most Rewarding Loyalty Program Series: Hyatt Gold Passport – Earning Points


This is the third installment on Most Rewarding Loyalty Program-series. You can read my earning points take on Club Carlson (here) and Hilton HHonors (here).


What we first need to do, is to establish the number of points that you earn on average per dollar spend taking into account elite amenity points, elite bonuses, and possible credit card tie-up.

In order to be able to compare programs, I am using the following variables, when calculating the number of points that you earn:

– ADR (Average Daily Rate) – $175 – Assuming major metropolitan cities.

– Full service properties.

– Top-tier with 60 nights (10 stays each 3/2/1 nights) & mid-tier with 30 nights (5 stays each 3/2/1 nights)

Hyatt Gold Passport Elite Bonus

Hyatt Gold Passport Platinum members earn 15% and Diamond members 30% bonus on the base points.


Diamond members can choose between a food and beverage or 1000 bonus points amenity at all properties. Bonus points option used to be only available in North America, but it was last week rolled out worldwide (you can read my take on the announcement here).

I assume on my calculations that you always choose the bonus points instead of the food and beverage amenity.

Chase Hyatt Visa


You will earn 3 Hyatt Gold Passport points per dollar spend at Hyatt properties using Chase’s Hyatt affiliated credit card. I have included this on the calculations as a separate line.

Hyatt Gold Passport Diamond Member


The number of points earned on average per dollar spend is 9 (9.36 non-rounded). This takes into account the 30% elite bonus and 1000 points Diamond amenity per stay.

When you incorporate the credit card earnings as well, the number of points jumps to 12 per dollar spend (12.36 non-rounded).

Hyatt Gold Passport Platinum Member


Hyatt Gold Passport Platinum member only earns 15% Platinum bonus and the number of points earned per dollar is 5.75 (non-rounded).

With the credit card this jumps to 8.75 points per dollar (non-rounded).


Hyatt doesn’t shower you with number of points that you earn from the stays. The elite bonuses are rather modest as well.