Reply From Head Of Hyatt’s Gold Passport Regarding Free Night Awards After 25/50 Visited Properties


Last week, I wrote about the Hyatt’s gift for those that had visited 25 or 50 separate Hyatt properties. LoyaltyLobby reader forwarded me the email that he had received from Hyatt. You can read the article about this topic here.


Mr. Jeff Zidell, who is the head of Hyatt Gold Passport, posted the following official reply from Hyatt about this “curator” initiative on FlyerTalk.

Hyatt Respose Curators
Hyatt Response Curators

This reply from Hyatt is full of fluff (or I would normally use the words BS – but I am trying to be nice and watch my tongue here).

“I realize that not everyone received an e-mail from us. And, as much as I begged, our Milestones Curators will not reveal their secret sauce. That said, I can assure you that we are starting very small and will evolve thoughtfully, as we better understand what delights and what does not. Certainly, we believe that one size does not fit all! “

They could have just said that we decided to delight some Hyatt Gold Passport members of our choosing that had visited 25 or 50 different properties, but not all. This would have been honest and likely the right answer rather than “evolving”, “delighting” and “curating” etc.

How many Hyatt properties have you visited and what milestone gifts have you received from Hyatt?

I am sure that Jeff and the curators would like to hear from you. Here’s Jeff’s email address ( and here is the one ( for curators. Note that Jeff has publicly posted his email address on FlyerTalk, so it is no secret.


It is nice that Hyatt sends out some gifts for those that have visited 25 or 50 different properties,but obviously there are some other “secret sauce” requirements as well. I know quite a few that have passed the 50 or even 100 properties (myself included) and have received squat from Hyatt.

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