Club Carlson 2013 Award Category Changes


Club Carlson has now released a list of hotels that are moving up and down in award categories on May 1, 2013. You can access Club Carlson’s web page for this change here.


Overall, the change is not drastic. Approximately 98 properties are moving up in award categories and 151 are moving down.

The reason, why I use the word approximately, is that there are some mistakes on the list that Club Carlson released that you can find below.

Note that you have until April 30, 2013, to book using the old level. If you have award reservation at property that goes down, you need to contact Club Carlson after May 1 to make sure that you get the proper number points credited back to your account.

Properties Moving up


Club Carlson has 98 properties moving up in award categories. The greatest number of change is from category 2 to 3 that is a hard points wise. Category 2 property requires 15000 points per nights compared to 28000 points at category 3.

Download (XLS, 24KB)

Here’s also a spreadsheet that you can download.

Properties Moving Down


The number of properties moving down is 151. The number of properties moving down is rather equally split between the award categories

Download (XLS, 32KB)

Here’s also a spreadsheet that you can download.

Award Chart Conflicts


The number of points associated with these two properties in India would indicate that they are moving to category 5, but they are shown to move to category 4.


There are two properties that are not shown to move at all.


For the most part, this Club Carlson award category change of 2013 is a non-event. Obviously, it hurts those that have got used to redeem at properties that are moving up.

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