Points Hound (Miles For Hotel Bookings) Now Has Elite Qualifying Rates


Points Hound has now started to offer rates that qualify for night/stay credit and elite benefits at selected Hilton, Hyatt, InterContinental Hotels Group, Marriott and Starwood properties. There is a Double Dip icon on the search results identifying these properties. You can sign up for Points Hound here and earn 250 bonus miles for first booking.


I originally wrote about this service last year, when it was and offering free miles for signing up. You can read that article here.

Points Hound Partners

The number of partners that the service has grown since its inception. It now includes Virgin America, United Airlines, Delta, American, US Airways, AeroMexico, Air Baltic (weird choice), Hawaiian, Best Buy (another one that I don’t get), and Etihad.


When you start making the booking, you need to specify the partner program that you would like to earn the miles on. This way they can calculate the number of reward currency that is shown with the search results.

Rate Search For New Orleans


I made a random search for a midweek night in May and chose United as the partner.


The rate search returns lot of properties and the first one with a double dip earning option was the French Quarter Hyatt.


You can choose between rates that are not eligible for double dipping and eligible ones.


The non eligible rates seem to earn 100 more miles than the eligible ones.


Points Hound also returned Westin New Orleans rates that would have been eligible for SPG program credit and elite benefits.

IHG, Marriott & Hilton Also Partners



Rate search for Los Angeles returned InterContinental Hotels Group, Hilton and Marriott properties that were eligible for double dipping.

How Points Hound Offers Rates Eligible For Stay & Night Credit And Points?

Booking directly with the hotel chains has never been a requirement for getting elite benefits, night and stay credits. It has always been dependent of the rate type that you are booked on.

Travel agent can book you a rate that qualifies for all the elite benefits and for stay and night credit.

In the Points Hound’s case, they seem to offer refundable rates that they can collect a 10% commission and partly rebate this to you in a  form of your chosen frequent flier program currency.

Cash Back Site Or Points Hound

At least on the IHG’s case it is far more lucrative to book using one of the cash back sites (you can read my article getting cash back for your travel bookings here). Hilton and Hyatt doesn’t participate to any of these, so booking Points Hound and getting some miles in the process can make sense.

You can earn cash back for some Marriott and SPG bookings as well. It might make sense to book those using the cash back sites depending of the cash back percentage vs. the number of miles that you would earn by using Points Hound.

My advise would be that you shouldn’t over value miles over cash.

Points Hound Vs RocketMiles

RocketMiles offers far more miles per booking, but has very limited number of cities that they support and the number of hotels within a city is limited. They do not offer rates that would qualify for elite credit or points with hotel programs. Some chains do, however, extend the elite benefits for bookings made on channels such as RocketMiles.

You can read my take about RocketMiles (here and here) and there is a bonus of 1000 miles for first booking made using their service.  You can sign up for RocketMiles here.


It is welcomed addition that Points Hound offers rates that qualify for night & stay credit and earns points on the spend as well. You will receive any elite benefits with the Double Dip hotels that you may have with the chain.

Remember to always compare discount rates on the brand website using number of discount plans that are available. It is likely that Points Hound doesn’t have them displayed on their site.

I am surprised that Hilton HHonors hasn’t trademarked the double dip that they use to describe earning both hotel points and airline miles for the stays.

Note that we may get a referral credit ,if you sign up for Points Hound or RocketMiles using the links found on LoyaltyLobby.

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