Most Rewarding Loyalty Program Series: Marriott Rewards – Earning Points Gold/Platinum


This is the fourth and second last installment on Most Rewarding Loyalty Program-series. You can read my earning points take on Club Carlson (here), Hilton HHonors (here), Hyatt Gold Passport (here), IHG Rewards/Priority Club (here) and Ambassador/Royal Ambassador (here).


What we first need to do, is to establish the number of points that you earn on average per dollar spend taking into account elite amenity points, elite bonuses, and possible credit card tie-up.

The number of points earned varies a lot within the Marriott family of hotels depending, whether you are staying at full service properties or limited service ones.

The calculation that I have done here assumes that one stays at full service properties that earn 10 points per USD and 500 Platinum amenity points per stay.

In order to be able to compare programs, I am using the following variables, when calculating the number of points that you earn:

– ADR (Average Daily Rate) – $175 – Assuming major metropolitan cities.

– Full service properties.

– Top-tier with 60 nights (10 stays each 3/2/1 nights) & mid-tier with 30 nights (5 stays each 3/2/1 nights)

Marriott Rewards Elite Bonus


Marriott Rewards Gold members are eligible for 25% bonus on base points and Platinum members 50% bonus. Also, Platinum members are eligible for 500 amenity in lieu of food and beverage gift.

Chase Marriott Rewards Visa


Marriott Rewards Chase credit card holders will receive 5 points per dollar spend at Marriott family of hotels worldwide.

Marriott Rewards Platinum Member


When you factor in the 50% elite bonus and 50 Platinum amenity, you can expect to earn 16.4 points per USD. If you have Marriott Chase credit card, the number of earned points per USD jumps to 21.4.

Marriott Rewards Gold Member


As there are no other bonuses that Gold members earn beyond the 25% elite bonus, the number of points per USD that you can expect to earn is 12.5. You can add the credit card bonus that brings the number of points earned by a cc member to 17.5 per USD.


The Marriott Rewards is very simple, when it comes to calculating the average number of points that you earn.

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