Bird Flu H7N9 Spreading In Asia – Travel Bargains Coming?

The new strain on bird flu has been on the news a lot here in Asia in the past week after Taiwanese, who had not been in direct contact with birds, contradicted the virus. This was believed to be a human to human transfer of the virus.


There has been quite a few reported deaths in China and this is believed to have a effect on the Golden Week travel in China that starts on May 1.


There are many articles on news sites about this and I would suggest that you use and use “bird flu” as a search term. You can then read the ones that suites you best. Here’s link to a good one on WSJ.


It is interesting to see, how long this will last and if it will spread out more human to human. If this spreads and starts to have an effect on travel, we should see more competitive offers to fill the planes and hotels.

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