How Much Complaining/Feedback Is Too Much: Case Hyatt Gold Passport


LoyaltyLobby reader and Hyatt Gold Passport Diamond member that has earned three quarters of a million Hyatt points over the past four years sent me a copy of the communication he has had with Hyatt’s Omaha office.


During the past four years the reader has had 200 to 250 nights at full service Hyatt properties around the world. I have copy his account history to verify this.


If you are staying at Grand and Park Hyatt hotels, you expect certain level of service. The reader had given feedback of his stays at hotel level and sometimes he had to escalate more serious issues to corporate level as well.

It is impossible to say from the account history, what are exactly compensation vs. regular bonuses. The reader estimated that about a quarter of the total points earned during the four year period had been customer service or property issued goodwill points.

Now, the Hyatt customer service has informed the reader that he is no longer eligible for goodwill points and that he should always contact a specific person in Omaha, if there are any stay related issues.

My Personal Experience At International Hyatt Hotels

There are often service failures or inability to deliver per Hyatt Gold Passport terms and conditions at international Hyatt properties.

Hyatt acknowledged this last year, when they informed the Hyatt community members about lower elite customer satisfaction scores at international properties versus domestic US Hyatt hotels. They were soliciting feedback for this that was mismatch in their opinion.

Had they actually spent any considerable time as Diamond member at domestic Hyatt hotels that often deliver far beyond what is required per the terms and conditions vs. international ones that often try to do the absolute minimum requited, they would have realized the reason for the “mismatch” .


So, if you are staying at Hyatt locations that fail to deliver per terms and conditions of the program, you should carefully consider, whether you should complain/give feedback or not.

Seems that Hyatt rather “fires” their customer than fixes the problems that they have with properties and Gold Passport related service issues.

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