Air France-KLM Flying Blue Promo Award Booking Woes & Market Based Availability (And What I Ended Up Booking)


The May & June promo awards (you can access my post about them here) became bookable yesterday and I had been eying a flight to Montreal in business class from number of destinations Europe.


At the end, I ended up spending several hours with the Air France’s booking engine trying to get something booked and ticketed.

First, I thought that Air France-KLM must be using married segment availability for award searches. There were availability on BCN-CDG-YUL on business class. If you tried to come up with the business class availability on the same CDG-YUL Air France flight, it wasn’t there.

As a matter of fact, there were no award availability yesterday on any Air France direct flight between Paris and Montreal. There is plenty of availability today, however.

Air France MAD-CDG-YUL Available VS CDG-YUL No Availability


You can see from the calendar above that there is availability on Madrid to Montreal via Paris on 10th of May.


There is no availability on the direct Paris to Montreal flights.


As a matter of fact, if you depart from Madrid both Air France flights have availability at the promo award level.


But if you depart from Paris, there is no availability at all.

What Did I Book And How Much Did I Pay?


Due to the “fuel surcharge” or “carrier imposed surcharges”, as Air France-KLM prefers to call them, the taxes and “fees” on these awards are not low. The total came to $377.90 and 25K miles. The mile part is a deal for now.


If you click couple of times, you can get a breakdown of the taxes and “fees”. The “carrier imposed surcharge” is $310.99. The fee is more than 82% of the taxes and fees.


It is interesting that Air France-KLM controls the award inventory market to market. One would image that the CDG-YUL would have availability just by itself, if MAD-CDG-YUL is bookable.

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