LoyaltyLobby Sends First DMCA Takedown Notice & Fair Use


It didn’t come to my mind, that when I started LoyaltyLobby in 2011, I would need to start sending out DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act) Takedown notice(s) down the road.


Yesterday, a LoyaltyLobby reader pointed me to a website that had full or close to full articles copied from LoyaltyLobby with photos served from our server that sometimes didn’t have any links back to us or information as to where this content was coming from.

This is a clear violation of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act also known as DMCA. Please note that I did not publish the name or the web address of this infringing website, so that they wouldn’t get any traffic from LoyaltyLobby.


A DMCA Takedown Notice was prepared, signed, scanned, and sent to the hosting agent of the website. The content was mostly taken down within four hours.

You are allowed a fair use i.e. you can use an excerpt of a text by citing the original author, but you are not allowed to post the full text of copyrighted material, unless you have been given consent to do so.


When I refer to articles that I see online or TV news shows, I usually just take a photo or a screen shot, and link the photo/screen shot to the original article and have a link with saying i.e. “you can read the full article on BBC’s website here”.


I am not quite sure why someone would start a website that is in clear violation of the DMCA. With the keen eyes of readers and powerful search engines, it does not take long for this to go unnoticed and be on the receiving end of DMCA’s notices.

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