Marriott Probing Lifetime Status Display Options


Couple of days ago, I received an email from My Marriott Voice for a survey about elite status recognition. You will receive some minimal number of points for filling out these surveys. I find it more interesting to fill these out to find out, what they (Marriott) might be planning.


The copy of the email was misleading. The survey was not about Marriott Elite Status Recognition, but rather about Marriott Lifetime Status display options.


Marriott was probing, how the lifetime status counter should show on the website, would they need to send out a new card every year, should the lifetime status show on the card if your current status is higher and if lifetime status members should have a card carved out from some special metal,which I though to be a good idea.


I like the way SPG displays the number of lifetime nights on their website.


Marriott does it as well, but it takes quite some time to find it. Also, the number of points required for lifetime Marriott status is not displayed, although that is one of the requirement.

You can read more about Marriott’s lifetime silver, gold and platinum requirements here.


It would certainly nice to have a proper counter on Marriott’s website that would show both the number of lifetime eligible nights and points that one have earned. Right now, you can easily see the number of nights, but to find out the number of points that you have eared, you need to contact Marriott Rewards customer service.

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