NY Times Article About Low-cost Indonesian Airlines

The Indonesian aviation safety came back to spotlight last month, when Lion Air’s flight overshoot the runaway in Bali and ended up in the water. Luckily nobody died in that accident. You can read my piece about the crash here.


Now, NY Times has an article on their website that was published on the International Herald Tribune about the state of the Indonesian’s low cost aviation and you can access it here. It is a good read.

The biggest of the Indonesian low-coast carriers Lion Air placed a significant order for Airbus planes earlier this year. NY Times has an article about it as well.


I took Lion Air flight from Bali to Jakarta the other week and it was a non-event. The flight was packed, but took off and landed safely.


Let’s hope that there are no further accidents in Indonesian aviation. The safety has got better in the past few years or at least there haven’t been fatal accidents.