Hilton HHonors Blast From The Past: Validity Of Old Award Discount Certificates

LoyaltyLobby reader sent me a question yesterday with an image of these Hilton HHonors award discount certificates attached and asking my opinion about their validity.


I told the reader to send me a copy of the back of the certificate as well, where the terms and conditions are, so that I can have a look at them.


And soon I had copies of the back sides of these two certificates.

There are absolutely nothing that would indicate ANY kind of expiry date. If I could guesstimate the date, when these were issued, I would say that sometime in the last 1990’s based on the very blurry date on back of the certificate that is likely the revision or print date.

Told the reader to just sent them off to Hilton HHonors in Texas by certified mail with a return receipt to ensure proper tracking that they have been delivered.


Have you had any experience with these Hilton award discount certificates and what was the last time you used them?

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