Hilton HHonors Changing Hotel Award Categories Again?


Hilton HHonors did a major program devaluation that it announced on February 19 (read my take about it here) that took effect on March 28, 2013. The number of points required for top tier hotels often more than doubled.


There are (or were) some bright spots on the new hotel award category list that I pointed out on my post here.


Now, Hilton has changed the award category of the DoubleTree Beijing hotel from 5000 points to 10000 points per night.


This was done overnight without giving any prior notice to Hilton HHonors members. This was definitely one of the bright spots on the new award chart and, as I speculated on my post, I didn’t expect it to stay at this award category level for too long.


Shame on Hilton for changing the award category of the Beijing DoubleTree unannounced. This was definitely a very good award value that I had been planning to use later this year. I have had several paid stays at this hotel in the past.

Have you noticed any other hotels moving up in award categories since the announced change?