AviancaTaca LifeMiles Cash + Miles Price Increase


Seems that there is another Wednesday surprise from LifeMiles. Last week, LifeMiles changed the award chart on their website unannounced and some awards went up by 50K miles per return. You can read my take on this change here.


Now, LifeMiles has changed the price of miles that you can purchase, when you do an award reservations from 9% to 14.5%.

Last week, I was looking an award reservation and substituting 7000 miles for cash would have cost me $93.01. This week the price of the 7000 miles is $106.46. This is a raise of 14.5%

Friend of mine, who alerted me about this change, had his price of 19,000 miles moving up from $269.95 to $294.85. This is a change of 9.2%.


This is a second devaluation hitting AviancaTaca’s LifeMiles within a week and I don’t like changes that are not communicated prior.

It has been a good deal to buy some miles at the time of issuing an award by paying part of the required number of miles in cash and, for the most part, it still is.

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