IHG Rewards Club Weekend Stay Bonus Update: 5000 Points For Two Night Stay


On March, I wrote about the Weekend Stay-bonus promotion from IHG Rewards Club for 5000 bonus points for a two night weekend stay; Friday and Saturday or Saturday and Sunday. You can read my piece about this promotion here.


I had a two night weekend stay at InterContinental hotel in Asia at the beginning of May.


The 5000 bonus points for the weekend stay just posted to my account about two weeks after the stay.


This bonus points do not post with the stay, as most of the other bonuses, but during a sweep for this promotion. I am not sure, how often IHG Rewards Club has sweeps for this promotion. You may get the bonus points sooner or it might take longer.


It is likely that this promotion requires your IHG Rewards Club account address to be in the United States for the promotion points to post.

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