LifeMiles Getting Social Media Lesson On Facebook


Frequent fliers took it to the LifeMiles Facebook page to voice their displeasure of the recent unannounced changes in AviancaTaca’s LifeMiles program in the past week.


First, the number of miles required for an award trip jumped by in some cases 50,000 miles (read more here). Second, the price of a mile purchased at the time of ticket issuance went up by up to 15% yesterday (read more here).


Now, LifeMiles Facebook page is bombarded with complaints from angry members that just bought some miles during the recent sale only to find that the program requires more miles two weeks down the road for award trips.


The LifeMiles social media team claims that there hasn’t been any changes to the program recently? AviancaTaca must be using some outside social media shop to spin stories on their page that don’t really have a clue what is actually happening.

Claiming that there haven’t been any changes recently when there has been TWO within the past week is ridiculous and will just do more harm to their brand.

If LifeMiles had wanted to do this right, they would have announced their award chart changes earlier in the year and give members the chance to redeem at the old levels for few months. The change of price of a mile during the ticket issuance process should have been clearly communicated as well.

Also, this would have made the decision to participate to the LifeMiles miles purchase sale fairer. Now, some bought miles only to find out that the goal post moved two weeks down the road.


Companies should learn that it make no good for them trying to hide changes that negatively affect their customers and expect that nobody notices.

All loyalty programs should give adequate notice about changes to their programs so that members could prepare and use the miles/points under the rules that they were earned.

LifeMiles didn’t do it the right way and claiming that nothing has changed is comical.

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