Marriott Platinum Arrival Gift Changes: 500 Points Or $10 F&B Voucher


Marriott has made a subtle change to its Platinum Arrival Gift of 500 points or food and beverage amenity.


Now, Marriott properties must offer, at the minimum, the choice of between 500 points OR $10 food and beverage coupon.


Until now, the properties must have offered 500 points or choice of food and beverage amenity that has often been a split bottle of wine and a cheese plate or couple of beers and a snack item among other choices.

Whether this is a benefit upgrade or downgrade, depends entirely how the properties will handle it. If they are no longer offering food and beverage amenity, it is definitely a downgrade because the price of a split wine and a cheese plate is definitely more than $10.


For me, this change is mostly neutral. I have rarely chosen the food and beverage option at the Marriott properties, but have appreciated the wine bottle and a cheese plate option.

Let’s hope that the properties will offer more than the minimum required by the Marriott.

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