Very Low Delta VDB Compensation Bid Choices For International Flights


When an airline has sold more seats to the flight that it can accommodate, they usually first source VDB (voluntarily denied boarding) volunteers for airline credits. If they don’t get enough VDB’s, then the airline can IDB (involuntarily denied boarding) some passengers that are usually eligible for cash compensation.


Delta has a function on their website, where they solicit VDB’s on flights that have been oversold. You can make your bid what would be your the lowest amount that you would be willing to give your seat on that specific flight.

This is great but the bid amounts are way to low for international flights AND they are only shown for non-status SkyMiles members.

The picture above is a copy of my friends VDB offer for recent Delta flight from Atlanta to Narita. Why would anyone give their seat for Delta credit of $125 or less? Even the maximum bid amount of $400 is very low for international flights

Bear in mind that Delta only shows these for non-status passengers that may not be aware of what would be the usual and acceptable compensation for a bump on a long international flights such as this.


It is interesting that Delta is only showing these low ball VDB offers for non-frequent fliers. Volunteering for such a low compensation makes no sense on long haul international flights.

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