Converting Points To Charitable Contribution: Case Oklahoma Tornado


Last week, I received emails from Club Carlson, Hyatt, and InterContinental Hotels Group about donating hotels points to help with disaster relief efforts in Oklahoma. Each of these programs would convert the hotel points donation to cash and give it to one of the non-profit entity that they supports.


Do giving points to help with these relief efforts make any sense? Mostly not due to the very low value of a point that these programs have associated their “currency” with.

Club Carlson



Club Carlson would give $80 to the Red Cross for every 50,000 points donated by the program members (access the page here). This values Club Carlson points a $0.0016 that is about one sixth of a cent.

Hyatt Gold Passport


Hyatt Gold Passport donates $25 for every 5,000 points for every member donation (access Hyatt’s page here). This values Hyatt Gold Passport points at $0.005 that is half of a cent.

InterContinental Hotels Group


IHG donates $20 for every 5,000 Priority Club points donates (you can access the page here). This valued Priority Club point at $0.004 that is less than half of a cent.


If you want to support the Oklahoma disaster relief efforts, I would suggest that you do a tax deductible cash donation to any of the non-profit organizations such as Red Cross. These points donations are not tax deductible for individuals (maybe they are for the sponsoring programs).

The conversion of points to cash is done by any of the three programs above at such a low valuation level that it is very poor use of points.