LifeMiles Acknowledges Award Chart Changes After The Fact


Last week, I wrote about the social media lesson that LifeMiles was getting on it’s Facebook page and it wasn’t pretty (read my piece here).


LifeMiles changed its award chart unannounced (read here), changed the price of purchased miles during the ticketing process (read here) and, when LifeMiles members complained about these changes on Facebook, claimed that there hadn’t been any changes to its program.


Then late last week, LifeMiles published the above note on its Facebook wall trying to explain the situation. While it is true, that there hadn’t been changes to the awards within the Americas, I doubt that these changes would only affect 1% of the award redemptions.


This situation with LifeMiles really didn’t make any sense. Why would they claim that there hadn’t been any changes, when there had been in fact?

I hope that in the future LifeMiles would give a proper notice about any changes on its frequent flier program and would have more competent people handling their social media communication.