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Iberia Plus Says Adios To Reward Flight Savers


British Airways and Iberia have both had Reward Flight Savers, where the taxes and fees are capped for European award tickets. If the airlines would charge the full YQ’s on award tickets, they would be sometimes higher than paid tickets on the very same routes.


Iberia Plus sent out very innocent sounding email yesterday with a headline “Coja aire, respire y vuele lejos estas vacaciones”. Note that this was only sent to those that have Spanish as their preferred form of language.

US Airways Dividend Miles Share Miles Campaign (Buy Miles At 2 Cents Each)

The US Airways Dividend Miles buy miles campaigns just continue. This time you can share miles for max amount of 50,000 miles and US Airways gives you a 50% bonus (up to 25,000 miles). This offer is valid until June 30, 2013. You can access this offer on US Airways website here.


Sharing US Airways Dividend Miles without a bonus doesn’t make any sense. Why would you pay 1 cent per mile for transferring miles from account A to account B?

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