IHG Rewards Club Stay Bonuses: June 1 to July 31


IHG Rewards Club has emailed number of personalized Stay-offers for bonus points after number of nights. Note that these are based on NIGHTS and not on STAYS.


The wording of the email suggests that you were emailed one only if you had already signed up for the double base points offer that I have written previously (read here).

Here are the different offers:

– Stay 3 nights get 2500 bonus points: codes 6832 or 6834 or 4993

– Stay 5 nights get 5000 bonus points: code 4001

– Stay 7 nights get 10,000 bonus points: codes 2971 or 2511

– Stay 10 nights get 15,000 bonus points: code 4003

– Stay 18 nights get 20,000 bonus points: code 6002

– Stay 25 nights get 30,000 bonus points: code 7031

There is something weird going on with this offer, as I just got a error message “Invalid” or “Invalid For Member Account….”, when I tried to register for any of these offers. It may the case that some previous promo registration that I have done conflicts with this promotion.


It is nice to see that IHG Rewards Club again has some official overlapping promotions as well. The registration for this offer seems to require that you had registered for the double points offer previously.

Leave a message below if you registered successfully after receiving an email or if you registered and had not received an invitation from IHG to participate to this offer. Does the offer that you received differ from the ones listed above (different code or night requirement)?

Thanks for LoyaltyLobby readers for forwarding me these various offers that they had received from IHG.

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