Compensation Clinic: Checked Bag Damage By Air France


This is a second article on the Sunday series called Compensation Clinic. You can drop me an email about what problems you have encountered during your travels (hotels, airlines, car rentals etc.), how you gave feedback (complained) and what the problem resolution was. I will publish the best ones in the coming weeks.


It must have been a bad omen that I wrote about the carry on bag which I travel with couple of months ago (you can access the piece here).


It came out in two pieces after two Air France flights from Madrid to Paris and continuing to Montreal.


Normally, I don’t think that airlines tend to cover wear and tear caused by the baggage handling, but in this instance the Air France personnel didn’t have any problem giving me authorization to have it repaired at their contracted luggage store in Montreal.


I took the bag to the JP Grimard that is full fledged luggage store that carries lots of different brands and is also an authorized repair center for most. They were not sure, if they have the part available that was needed to have the bag fixed, but I would know within a week.


Went to the store a week later (I was two weeks in Quebec) and the bag had been repaired. I asked what was the amount that they were charging Air France and was told that it was 48 CAD. Air France  must get a really good wholesale discount for repairs!


I was positively surprised about the Air France’s handling of this baggage situation. If your bag comes out damaged, you can always ask the airline to have it repaired or exchanged. They may entertain your request.

On a side note, this bag has now gone through half a million flown miles in the past two years and is coming to an end of its life cycle. Need to start looking for a new one.

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