Iberia Plus 15,000 Bonus Avios For 10 Partner Transactions + 15 Avios For Facebook App/Like


Iberia Plus is running a bonus Avios campaign for partner transactions. You can earn maximum of 10,000 bonus points for having 10 or more different partner transactions by July 31, 2013.

EDIT 07/14: There is now an English version of this Iberia website available as well. You can access it here


There is some sort of Facebook component for this campaign as well that earns you 15 bonus Avios that can get your Iberia Plus account going.


There are quite a few partners that can get you over the ten that is really required to make this promotion worthwhile. It is quite difficult to reach, however, if you are not in Spain and cannot take advantage of the entirely Spanish partners.

You can access Iberia’s web page for this promotion here that is entirely in Spanish.


This is a worthwhile promotion for those that are in Spain and can utilize at least ten partners by the end of July. I could get easily get four/five hotel partner transactions in, but cannot make it to ten. I will likely do the Facebook app/like for the 15 free Avios, however.

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