British Airways Reward Flight Savers Becoming Less Rewarding – Fees Rising Again & Totally Gone On Iberia


British Airways made an update to its website today about the rising fees of its Reward Flight Savers and that the discontinuance of them altogether on Iberia flights starting on July 11, 2013. The fees on Comair operated flights within South Africa will rise on July 1, 2013.


Iberia made the same change on awards on its own metal last ween totally unannounced (you can read more here). I was asking at that time, how long can it take for BA to follow? You can read this fee announcement on BA’s website here.


This is now a second time within a year that British Airways has tinkered the cash component of the Reward Flight Savers.

These were launched the other year, when BA overhauled its entire award chart making long haul business and first class award flights a lot worse deal than what they used to be. The balancing act was to make these short haul flights more affordable by offering a fixed tax/fee component.

Seems that BA is now backpedaling and gradually reintroducing the fuel surcharges on these short haul awards.

Fee change

Euro Traveller: now £30/€35 July 11 onwards £35/€42.50

Club Europe: now £40/€45 July 11 onwards £50/€60

Gone entirely on Iberia


Overall, the monetary change for the cash portion is not huge, but this is the second time within a year that they are changing it. Also, eliminating these Reward Flight Savers entirely on Iberia is a drastic move.

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